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Sewing, embroidery and knitting Forum for discussing sewing, embroidery and knitting, as well as free schemes, patterns, master classes

🇺🇦 Форуми з шиття, вишивання та в'язання

Dolls and toys Forums for discussing sewing and knitting dolls and toys, as well as free schemes, patterns, master classes

Handmade cosmetics Discussion of the manufacture of soap, cream, cosmetics, spirits and household chemicals of handmade: free master classes, ideas, lifehacks, etc.

Design and decor

Painting and drawing Forums for discussing painting and drawing

Felting, spinning and weaving Forum for discussing felting, spinning and weaving, as well as free lessons, master classes for beginners and handicraft masters.

Jewelry, souvenirs and gifts Forums of discussion of the manufacture of jewelry, souvenirs and gifts.

Free communication and mutual assistance Recipes, home and life, beauty and health, travel, charity

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